Mermaid Sculpture

It is a beautiful nautical decor mermaid cast iron statue with 35″ size in a sitting position of mermaid with rust finish would definitely beautify your garden for ever.

Extra Large Iron Mermaid Statue

Mermaid Sculpture

Daydreaming Mermaid of Langeline Cove Statue

A true standout in any pool, pond or garden, our enchanting, Toscano-exclusive mermaid strikes a languid pose at over a full yard long and high! Sure to be a mesmerizing centerpiece, she is intricately sculpted, from the individual scales on her provocatively curved tail to the soft tresses falling upon her shapely shoulders. Cast in quality designer resin, she boasts an antique stone finish that lends beauty to any season. Features: -Stone finish


48″ Sitting Sunning Mermaid Statue Iron Verdigris NEW

Thoughtful Mermaid Statuary with Birdbath

I nspired by the gentle textures of watercolor and sandstone, this thoughtful mermaid reflects the relaxed mindset of the shore. Realistic, detailed sculpting and soft colors create a casual, calming air. Whether used as a bird feeder or birdbath, the Thoughtful Mermaid Statuary is a piece that will be treasured by you and your feathered friends year after year.

Bronze Nude Mermaid of Isle of Capri Fountain Sculpture Statue

>Bronze in a two-tone finish is classic European garden art. ; From hundreds of individual scales to her flowing tresses, our mermaid seems wondrously alive in this exceptionally detailed, two-toned lost wax bronze sculpture. Part-maiden, part-fish, our lush mermaid casts her legendary lure at garden edge or, with the addition of a pump, as a fountain for your pond or pool. This heavy high quality bronze le These mermaids shell is piped within for optional water use. Large: 32″Wx24″Dx34″H. 105 lbs.


16″ Little Merman Sculpture Home Garden Poolside Statue

T he mystical beauty of the mermaid has been treasured as good luck for as long as seafaring people have sought safe passage. Excitedly opening an oyster shell to reveal its treasured pearl, this playful little merman statue will lend the spirit of the sea to your indoor bath or garden bench. Our exclusive merman sculpture is cast in two-toned designer resin. 7″Wx6½”Dx15½”H. 3 lbs.


Mermaid Garden Outdoor Statue – Frontgate

andcrafted from high-grade cast stone, our Mermaid Garden Outdoor Statue depicts this beloved mythical creature listening to the sounds of the ocean in a newly discovered conch shell. This cast-stone statue is a true work of art that’s the result of the combined efforts of sculptors, mold-makers and other artisans who create each piece via a labor-intensive 15-step process. High-grade cast stone.


Merissa Siren of the Sea Mermaid Statue

Your neighbors will do a double-take as our beautiful mermaid statue “swims” with shapely tail through your flowerbed, lawn or near your luxury spa! Sculpted in two pieces, our Design Toscano-exclusive garden sculpture is cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished in muted verdigris for years of enjoyment as amazing home or garden art. Distinctive and exclusive, Merissa the Mermaid statue is a maritime beauty from her silky tresses to her flashy fins!

Mermaid End Table

SPI Home 33693 Mermaid Lantern








Midwest CBK Sitting Mermaid Garden Accent

Sail away with a look as inviting as a cool ocean breeze, awash in classic colors and natural textures inspired by The Coast. Mermaid, shell and sailboat motifs are at home in a sea of soft ocean blue, beach grass green and sandy neutrals.



Decorative Mermaid Sculpture/Figurine

T he mermaid sculpture measures 14″ x 6.25″. It is made of metal & poly-stone. It will add a definite nautical touch to whatever room it is placed in and is a must have for those who appreciate high quality nautical decor. It makes a great gift, impressive decoration and will be admired by all those who love the sea.

Decorative Mermaid Sculpture / Figurine

T he mermaid sculpture measures 8.5″ x 12.5″. It is made of metal & poly-stone. It will add a definite nautical touch to whatever room it is placed in and is a must have for those who appreciate high quality nautical decor. It makes a great gift, impressive decoration and will be admired by all those who love the sea.

Blue with Red Hair Mermaid Iron Sculpture (Large)

Meet Ethel, The Iron Fish Gallery Blue with Red Hair Mermaid Iron Sculpture. She comes in three sizes, Small (featured here) which is approximately 3 feet long, Medium (approximately 5 feet long) and Large (Approximately 7 feet long) Available in multiple color combinations, this version has red hair and a blue tail. This item is 7 feet *18 inches. Perfect addition to any coastal theme decor. Inside, or Outside.

Mermaid of Magellan’s Cove Glass Topped Sculptural Table

T his table truly gives beauty to the swimming pool area where you can place your drinks in traditional way the mermaid holding glass in a decent appearance. This represents our taste of mind preferences in the sculpture how we prefer our traditional values and beliefs. Mermaid is a unique piece in showing our ethical values through keeping our beliefs.

Mermaid Wall Art Decor Ideas: Metal, Stone, Ceramic


Melody’s Cove Mermaid Wall Sculpture

Artist takes the mermaid to new depths with this intricate wall sculpture embellished with detail, from the seashells near her arched tail fin to the individual tresses that embrace her shapely form. Cast in quality designer resin, our exclusive is hand-painted in bright, hues to add color and dimension to home or garden wall. 13″Wx3and 1/2″Dx29″H. 6 lbs.

The Mermaid of Langelinie Cove Wall Decor

A 3 x 13.5 x 31 inches ; 12.2 pounds
Quality designer resin construction
Color/Finish: -Stone finish

Next Innovations WALL 3D MERMAID Mermaid Refraxions 3D Wall Art

Experience a whole new dimension in light reflective art. These pieces are laser cut from 18 gauge steel; powder coated for rust resistance and durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors. Each piece is hand crafted with a grind pattern that creates a dimension to the piece that is impossible to capture in photos. This effect combines with the vibrancy of our color Infusion process. All the pieces have brackets on the back that allow the product to hang away from the wall and the art is designed with pieces that have parts that can be bent out to give it a total 3D effect. Measures 22” x 24.75”

Metal Mermaid Wall Décor

EThis piece of art adds a unique touch to any wall, indoors or out. Hand shaped metal that is painted in a variety of vibrant colors combine to create a one-of-a-kind artistic blend that adds style and charm to your home. An easy and cost effective way to make a statement while decorating your home!



Sea Beauty Mermaid Wall Art


ustom designed wall art from Ohio Wholesale is the answer to all of your home decor and unique gift needs. Our Sea Beauty Mermaid is an exquisite addition to any interior. Made of resin, this beauty has a saw tooth hanger

  • Made of resin
  • Hangs via saw tooth hanger
  • Aquatic inspired beauty

The Sea Wall Art, from our Water Collection

T his fantasy creature is represented blowing into a conch shell and holding the ever-present starfish.
Hangs via saw tooth hanger
Aquatic inspired beauty
Made of resin

Metamorphosis Mermaid Wall Plaque by Sheila Wolk

B ased on the painting, Metamorphosis, by Sheila Wolk, this beautifully detailed wall plaque would make a lovely addition to your home decor. Fine details make this work truly inspired! Makes a great gift for any mermaid fan!

The Sea Wall Art


NOVICA Steel wall art, ‘Shy Mermaid’


urrounded by sea bubbles a shy mermaid comes to life in a sculpture by Alejandro de Esesarte. He works in steel to shape the lovely creature hammering the piece into low relief and painting it by hand. Because each piece is individually handcrafted and painted size and color could vary slightly

Steel wall art, ‘Mermaid Magic’

‘Mermaid Song’

A lejandro de Esesarte takes his inspiration from the mermaid’s magic and mystery. He works in steel to shape the lovely creature hammering the piece into low relief. Painted by hand its details are extraordinary. Because each piece is individually handcrafted and painted size and color could vary slightly

Beautiful Mermaid Statues & Figurines

18-1/4″ Mermaid Figure

Mermaid Figure Is 18-1/4 X 15-1/2 X 1 Inches Made Out of A Magnesium Blend

Mermaid Sculpture Sphere Holder

Mermaid Statue – table base 24in

15″ Mermaid Statue

Mermaid Statue Is 6 X 5 X 15 Inches Made Out of Poly Resin

Nautical Mermaid Sculpture/Statue

The mermaid sculpture measures 4″ x 4″ x 12″ & is made of poly-stone.
It features a beautiful gold & white mermaid positioned upright on a wave base.
It will add a definite nautical touch to wherever it is placed in and is a must have for those who appreciate high quality nautical decor.
It makes a great gift, impressive decoration and will be admired by all those who love the sea.

Luna Mermaid

Size: about 3.5″ H Type: A Mermaid sitting on the sea floor

Hand Blown Glass Mermaid Figurine

Hand blown glass mermaid figurine on amethyst is a stunning and imaginative collectible crystal sculpture



Hand Blown Glass Mermaid Crystal and Black Marble Sculpture



Hand blown glass mermaid on black marble is a stunning work of art worthy of the finest crystal collections. Sculpture measures 13 inches tall including the marble base and is 6 inches across. Makes a lovely gift and goes with any decor.

Mythical Mermaid Bonded Marble Resin Statue

Let our beautiful siren of the sea cast a sensual spell as a fantasy sculpture and water spirit for your home or gallery collection. This mythical sea statue is a collectible figurine hand sculpted , then cast in bonded marble resin as an instant heirloom. From the sea creatures near her mermaid tail to the water kelp dancing toward her outstretched arms, this naiad sculpture is truly the ocean queen!
7″Wx4″Dx9½”H. 2 lbs.

Nude Mermaid with Dolphin Italian Statue Sculpture Figurine Made in Italy 12.25″ Tall

Nude Mermaid with Dolphin Italian Statue
Dimensions: 5 1/2″L x 4″D x 12 1/4″ H




Bronze Mermaid Sea Creature Goddess

Lovely Bronze Mermaid
Hand Crafted
Home Decor
Resting on black marble base
11″H X 5″W x 6″L Weight: 6.5 lbs.




Fiberglass Bronze Finish Wall Mermaid Nautical Tropical Decor Home Garden Bath

A bronze coated mermaid would make quite a statement in your nautical themed room. She is made of fiberglass resin and finished with a bronze coating. This item measures 58″ x 31″ x 3.5″.


Mermaid Sitting on Boat Bronze Finish 23″h Nautical Tropical Home Decor Wall Art Hanging

This Mermaid on Old Boat Bronze Finish would make a stunning addition to your home! Made of fiberglass resin, this item measures 23″H x 14″W x 11″D. Perfect in your beach house, bar, or in any nautical themed room you can imagine!

Mermaid Sitters

Mermaid Shelf Sitters

Large Sitting Mermaid Shelf Sitter, Cast Iron

Mermaid Shelf Sitter with Dolphins

pretty shelf sitter mermaid with dolphin made of cold cast resin and hand painted.


Mermaid Shelf Sitter

13″ High
Antique Bronze and Verdi Finish
Nicely Detailed

48″ Sitting Sunning Mermaid Statue Iron Rust Finish

A 48″ Sitting Sunning Mermaid Statue, Cast Iron in an Antiqued Rust Finish This piece measures as follows: 17″ top of Head to base of spine 18″ base of spine to knee 13″ knee to point of tail The tail measures 13″ across, arms measure 13″ across elbow to elbow. Great Accent piece for your Indoor or Outdoor Decor.

Classic Mermaid Home Garden Sculpture Statue

Distinctive and exclusive garden art, Meara is a true maritime beauty, from her silky tresses to her flashy fins! Your neighbors will do a double-take when she ?swims? with shapely tail through your flowerbed or lawn! the artist has sculpted our mermaid in two pieces, cast her in quality designer resin and then hand-finished her in a muted verdigris finish for years of enjoyment as amazing garden art.

16″Wx7″Dx7″H. 5 lbs.

APerfect for in the yard or on the deck – brought to you by SPI, who’s diverse selection of products is valued by prominent interior designers and home décor specialists.
Sits on any flat surface




Mermaid Garden Stake / Garden Decor / Garden Art

This custom designed decorative rustic Mermaid garden stake will become a favorite in any yard. A charming way to add some elegance to your garden decor.
Overall: 15″w x 26.5″H / includes stake
22 gauge steel
Stake attached
Made in the USA





Z Garden Party 211 Large Steel Mermaid On Base

T his glamorous mermaid is perfect by the pond or pool in your yard. She is cut from 10 gauge rusted steel and will be yours for a life time of pleasure.






Cast Stone Mermaid Companions

ADimensions: 5″ W x 5.75″ H x 1.75″ D – Item Weight: 2 Lb. – Made In The USA – Green Finish
Extremely Innovative Creations That Breathe Life And Bring Joy And Whimsy To Your Home Or Garden
Hand Cast Stone, Weatherproof & Waterproof, Handfinished To Accentuate The Details
Unique And Whimsical Works Of Art – Made By Hand Using Quality Weather Resistant Materials By George At Carruth Studio
A Stainless Steel Hook Is Embedded In The Back For The Hanging Of This Piece – Perfect Decor For A Child’s Room –